Ambergris Mukhallat Arabiya 3ml 프랑스 아라비아 Anbar 향수 오일

Ambergris Mukhallat Arabiya 3ml 프랑스 아라비아 Anbar 향수 오일

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Sharif Laroche 컬렉션의 새롭고 독창적 인

of Authentic Ambergris Scents....

Ambergris Mukhallat Arabiya


The first of its kind, a true Ambergris Mukhallat, distinctively anbar. A modern reflection today's and yesterday's not so distant past and tomorrow's future.

This uniquely composed complex mukhallat incorporates Ambergris grade 'white', which has a sweetly oceanic, light pungent aroma of intoxicating sweetness, followed by subtle notes of bakhoor incense, zafron, galangal and khalta.


Ambergris has an unusual odor which is difficult to explain to anyone who has never had the pleasure of its sensual aroma. Ambergris is often described as being musky and having a sweet earthy aroma unlike any other, or a mossy fragrance reminiscent of the damp forest floor. Depending on the quality of the ambergris there can be a great variation in the fragrance. Fresh Ambergris can be found in two distinctly different types, black, sticky-soft and tar like, or as pale white soft lumps with black streaks. The precursor to matured ambergris has a strong fecal smell, the closest for comparison would be scented cow dung. Therefore, the common expectation is that ambergris is foul smelling, which is quite the contrary. After months, years or even decades in the ocean, the pungent odor will change beyond recognition because of photo-degradation and oxidation by sun and ocean water. It will harden, become crust-like and waxy, and take on a grey to white color. The pungent odor will change considerably and cure by becoming earthy, sweet, seaweed-seawater (marine) like, reminiscent of tobacco or musty old wood; animal musky with a peculiar sweet odor unique to ambergris. This peculiar sweet, rich earthy odor is sometimes compared to isopropyl alcohol without its stinging harshness, and it is also associated with the subtle sweet scent akin to babies' skin or the addictive oceanic misty-damp aroma that beach combing dreams are made of.

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